Magazine Submissions

  • How to send in your work
  • What to include
  • Having Difficulties?
  • Submission Timing
  • Simultaneous Submissions
  • Response Time
  • Word Counts

How to Send Us Your Work:

We do accept submissions through email. For image or video submissions, please use to send the files to our submission inbox. When using this service, send the files to (submissions (at) We do not accept submissions through postal services or through Social Media DMs.
– Written submissions must be in one of the following file forms: .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt.
 Image submissions must be 300dpi and a minimum of 1500px. and in .jpg file format.
– Video submissions must be .mov or .mp4.

What to Include:

If you’re sending photographs of bikes, be sure to include the who, what, and where.
Who are you, who’s bike is in the shot, and what bike is it?

If you’re sending us lifestyle images, tell us a bit about what is going on in the photos, who is in them, and of course, who took them.

If you’re sending an article or write up, be sure to include the name by wish you would like to receive credit.

Technical Difficulties: 

If you have any questions or encounter technical difficulties, please Contact Us.

Submission Timing:

Submissions may be sent to us at any time, year-round. Submissions for specific issues end 2 weeks before the publish date. For the April issue, submissions need to be in by the end of March. For the July issue, submissions need to be in by the end of June. For the October issue, submissions need to be in by the end of September. For the January issue, submissions need to be in by the end of December.

Simultaneous Submissions:

We accept simultaneous submissions since we feel that it’s unreasonable to expect writers/photographers to give a magazine an exclusive look at a work unless the magazine can respond within two to three weeks. We want creatives to have every possible opportunity for success, so we’re willing to risk losing a story/set we want when someone at another magazine may have done their reading before we have, and in that case, we’ll be sorry to lose the piece but happy for the creator.

Response Time:

Our response time varies from one to two weeks, with the slowest times usually being March-June.

Word Count Guidelines:

SHORT STORY manuscripts must be no less than 250 and no more than 750 words.

POETRY submissions may contain up to five poems. The poems should be contained in a single file. Your submission should give a strong sense of your style and range. We accept submissions of all poetic forms.

WRITE-UPS: Write-Ups can be anything from a piece or interview with a builder or painter, to a piece about an event, whatever you choose to submit, please keep it to 900 to 1,200 words.
Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

READERS’ NARRATIVES may run up to 1,500 words. This can be free form and about any topic you feel is relevant to Gas Roots Magazine.

Anyguidelines or restrictions not met may be adjusted by the issue’s editor.