The idea of Gas Roots Magazine, just like any good build, was born out of passion and began rather unexpectedly. As a commercial and advertising photographer in my day-to-day, I was feeling particularly inspired by Tim’s work with Stag Mag and wanted to submit some of my images for print. I started setting up sessions to photograph bikes and girls with people around town.

I was having a blast, meeting some awesome people, and sharing great stories. After some back and forth the pivotal question came up; why not just start your own magazine? With a background in commercial and advertising photography and experience in photographing bikes and cars, it sounded like a task for which I was up. While I have never run a magazine, I have certain bought a lot over the years, and even read a few. It may have been the nostalgia, but the vision was to create a magazine that is based on old skating and surfing magazines. Instead of pictures of tricks and skaters/surfers, the magazine would be full of images of bikes, builders, projects, workshops, etc. Issues would also contain some interviews, write-ups, stories from the road, articles, and anything else to showcase the lifestyle. There will not be a digital version of the magazine available but there will be supplemental digital content such as blogs, videos, and other such stuff. The two most important features of each issue will be quality and passion. Gas Roots will strive to bring you the best possible quality of issues from the content in the pages to the pages themselves. This is a publication the people will want to hold onto and keep on display in their homes and use as a reference on future projects. The passion the goes into each issue will be premiere and shown in these pages, in the builds, and in creating the issues. Gas Roots wants to showcase and inspire the motorcycle lifestyle.