With Texas having opened back up and the community beginning to host large events again, we’re finally back in production. Issue 2 was finished. The layout was done, and it had been submitted to the print shop. With Texas Fandango 2 weeks away, that would give just enough time for hard proofing and for the print shop to run the order. The plan was to have Issue #2 readily available at Fandango and then ship out to the subscribers the following Monday, but then I got the call. My print lab had informed me that they would not be able to print the magazine because of the nudity it contained in the centerfold. Fucking great. There was one alternative, the print shop’s sister lab could print it for me, but it would cost about $1000 more per run. With these being small runs, that was impossible.

So, I had a small local print shop print me off 2 sample issues to show off at Fandango while I searched for a new lab. The reception of issue 2 was great. Everyone loves all the submitted images and some people even tried to buy the sub-par display issue, but the quality is most important and I couldn’t do that.

So, here we are, nearly 2 weeks after Fandango and where is the Mag? It’s on its way. And not like, “Check’s in the mail” on its way. I mean, I have looked all over to find a few labs that I’ve liked, and I’ve chosen one. The print files have all been submitted, proofing was done, no errors were found and now, it is being printed. The job is supposed to be completed on April 27th, and the shipment will arrive 3 days later on the 30th. That means on May 1st, all subscriptions and back-orders will be in the mail, and the web-store will be updated with issue #2, and the “Still Kickin” shirt. Stickers will also be back in stock and a few of those backorders will go out as well.

So, all-in-all, we did it. Thanks so much to everyone’s patience and understanding about these unforeseen challenged. So excited to get issue #2 out to everyone and now it’s time to start on issue #3.

This is a picture of on of the display issue’s used at Texas Fandango.